The list of less obvious resources and tutorials to learn Python

Two years ago, I created a list of Python teaching materials for Pyladies Paris and kept it on an Etherpad somewhere: it got old, dusty, and some tutorials were even Python 2 only! I always wanted to do something with that list, but never had the time.
A few days ago, I saw on Twitter yet another blog post about learning Python, showcasing the same tutorials that you see everywhere. So, I decided to go back to that old list of mine, updated it, and selected a few things.

This bring us to this list of less obvious, but still awesome, resources to get you started.

Python for Social Sciences and Humanities

I've met a lot of people frustrated by tutorials or books focusing on math exercises. As a beginner, they always sent me the "you don't belong here" message and made me more frustrated than curious. So, fellow social sciences and humanities friends, those two links are for you!

I want to build a bot

Want to see fun things happening but don't have time to build a website from scratch: how about a twitter bot?
Now, find a silly idea and go :)

I prefer games

Then you should check Geek Gurl Diaries' videos about Python and Minecraft. While you there, check the rest of her channel: it's simply amazing.

What if I don't want to get out of my PJs?

Don't worry Katie Cunningham got you covered with her PJs classes. Learn some Django or Flask from the comfort of your home. Don't forget to check the videos about why you need a virtual environment and how to set it up.

I have a technical interview in a few days and I'm panicking

The closest the interview is, the more I switch into the " I need to know everything" mode. Two books helped me a lot recently:

  • "Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist", by Allen B. Downey. It's for beginner, it has a glossary at the end of every chapter and it covers everything you want to read about when your panicking :D
  • "The Python workbook", by Ben Stephenson. It's a great book full of exercises, which is good to prepare interviews. The only downside is that it's super boring, but that's my personal opinion!

So what are you waiting for? Go and learn some Python!